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Jason Fur Collection

Jason Fur Collection


has established itself as a true leader in the global synthetic fur market in Europe.

We have adopted and embraced an idea of continued and consistent renewal. Through this, it has become our mission to continuously provide a newer, more refined product and service to our clients on an ongoing basis.


We operate our global operations in Seoul, Korea as our principal support group and Headquarters, engaged in business in every trading region in the world.

We currently maintain manufacturing operations in 2 separate facilities located throughout South Korea and China.


The goal of this process of continuous improvement is an ideal method of manufacturing with minimal waste, short cycle times, and fast and efficient communication that can respond rapidly to changing circumstances in the market, while substantially decreasing the capital expenditures in the supply chain management process of our clients.


We do this with the sincere promise and hope of continuously and consistently surpassing our customer's expectations and needs.

And so it is with great hope for the future that we at Jason Park Europe GmbH look forward to continued growth and excellence.



Jason Park (CEO)